The new statutes of EUMASS-UEMASS asbl were signed on the twenty-third of June two thousand and twenty-one in front of Maître Marie-Pierre GERADIN, notary in Brussels.

The statutes in English can be found in the pdf document from page 10

Statutes in pdf

European Union of Medicine in Assurance and Social Security
                   Union Européenne de Médecine d’Assurance et de Sécurité Sociale

  • EUMASS-UEMASS asbl (or EUMASS asbl or UEMASS asbl)
  • p/a Rue Guimard 15, B-1040 Brussels
  • BCE: 0770.712.708                     RPM: Bruxelles
  • IBAN: BE36 0013 6201 4281     BIC: GEBABEBB